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Details of Cycle native token
CYCLE is the Cycle Protocol's reward and governance token. It represents a share of protocol ownership. It will be responsible for updating key values that will determine the health and direction of the protocol, including the inflationary policy of the token, inclusion of new vaults and the weight of distribution to each vault.
Ticker: CYCLE Address: 0x81440C939f2C1E34fc7048E518a637205A632a74 Decimals: 18 Total supply: 300,000 CYCLE


    270,000 (90%) Liquidity incentives
    12,000 (4%) Team allocation - locked until the end of 2021
    12,000 (4%) Airdrop (completed)
    3,000 (1%) Used from the team allocation to boost farming rewards
    3,000 (1%) Used for initial liquidity
300k CYCLE tokens are currently minted and 270k are being released slowly over the course of a few years. The option to continue distribution, hence continuing the reward boost to each vault, remains open. This decision is still a few years away though. There is also the option to close this door before this date arrives and the 270k distribution would be the cap
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